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6KW mold temperature controller for molding machine

120deg.c  6KW water mold temperature controller for plastic and rubber mould heater.

mold temperature controller


*Explosive device pipe
*Blowing return function (optional)
*Return water temperature indicator
*Power automatic exhaust function of heating power switching
*Instant cooling power function
*BY-PASS relief of hot water loop
*Multi-point temperature control unit can be customized
*Pump horsepower and heating power can be customized
*Electric with OMRON,FUJI,TE,LG,Schneider, Siemens
*Temperature control range: inlet temperature: +15℃-120℃
*304 stainless steel pipeline to reduce the tube group and rust
*Isolated electrical control box, to extend the useful life of electrical appliances
*RS485 communication function, automated management (optional)
*Control: imported microcomputer or PLC control (optional)
*Perfect safety protection. fault display, repair and maintenance without professionals


Mold temperature controller widely used in plastic injection, die casting of light guide plate, rubber tires, wheel, chemical reaction kettle, mixer and so on all walks of life. HWM series water heaters have both standard and high temperature models, which are used to heat up the mould and maintain temperature, also they can be used in other similar applications. High temperature water from the mould is returned to the cooling tank and cooled by direct cooling. It is then pressurized by the high-pressure pump, sent to the heating tank and finally to the mould with a constant temperature. 

mold temperature controller

mold temperature controller

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