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Install multiple heads to improve the operating efficiency of the chiller and reduce various energy consumption costs

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Many enterprises in the case of long-term experience accumulation, will choose high quality multi head industrial chiller equipment. Since the efficiency of reducing the space temperature when a single chiller head is used is low, if the number of heads can be increased, the safety of the equipment can be comprehensively improved. Even if the equipment has a single head failure, it can also use other heads for auxiliary use, so as to maintain the long-term stability of the equipment and lay the foundation for extending the service life of the equipment.

When using a cold water machine, if you can increase the head of more than 2 cold water machines, then the equipment in the same use environment, at least more than half of the cooling time can be reduced. When the cooling time of the equipment is continuously reduced, the operating efficiency of the equipment will be comprehensively improved. The higher the cooling performance of the equipment, the higher the cost performance of the cold water machine used by the enterprise, thus creating conditions for reducing the cost of the daily use of the cold water machine.

According to the specific use environment of the enterprise, the enterprise needs to determine how many chillers to use. Especially for a lot of space range is relatively large environment, if the simple use of a single chiller cooling, not only need to consume higher energy, while cooling performance is relatively low. Only by increasing the number of cold water machine head, and continue to optimize the processing for the head, you can improve the safety of the use of equipment, for enterprises to reduce the cost of various post-maintenance and maintenance of cold water machine to provide superior conditions.

When using the chiller, if the number of heads can be reasonably controlled, and different numbers of chiller heads can be opened according to different environments, the equipment can use the least cost to complete the cooling of the space. The higher the efficiency of space cooling, the less cooling time is consumed, so as to ensure that the long-term uninterrupted operation of the equipment will not produce any major failures, and effectively increase the cycle of equipment use.

Enterprises must check the equipment space in advance before using the cold water machine. If the space is relatively large, it is recommended that enterprises use the method of installing multiple heads to improve the operating efficiency of the equipment. The higher the operating efficiency of the equipment, the higher the safety factor of the air-cooled chiller. Reduced energy consumption costs can be used as the cost of running chillers.