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Inspection and Maintenance of Auxiliary Fittings of Industrial Chiller

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Although the failure rate of the core parts of the cold water machine is very low, the stable operation of the cold water machine is inseparable from various auxiliary accessories. Due to the auxiliary accessories have a service life, in order to ensure that the industrial cold water machine is in a long-term and efficient operation state, want enterprises to pay attention to the regular inspection and maintenance of various auxiliary accessories. If the auxiliary parts are faulty, you want to replace them in time to avoid the safe and stable operation of the entire cold water machine due to minor faults.

For many enterprises that use a large number of cold water machines, if the cold water machine fails, it will affect the normal production of the enterprise. According to the actual survey found that the failure of the core parts of the cold water machine is very few, almost more than 80% of the failure is a variety of auxiliary accessories. Although the auxiliary accessories have limited functions, they also affect the normal operation of the equipment. Therefore, in the event of a failure of auxiliary parts, it is recommended that the company directly replace it to avoid the same type of failure many times, resulting in increasing maintenance costs.

Enterprises with strong economic strength can prepare various spare parts when using cold water machines. Especially for various easily damaged parts of the cold water machine, under the premise of completing the spare parts preparation, the efficiency of the maintenance of the cold water machine is very high, and the waiting time of the enterprise is shortened by at least 2/3. Although the preparation of spare parts need to occupy part of the funds, but to improve the operating efficiency of the chiller, as well as to avoid the impact of failure on the equipment, the cost of preparing spare parts is almost negligible.

For the equipment, the parts that often fail are all vulnerable parts, and the vulnerable parts have almost lost the value of maintenance in the event of problems. The preparation of spare parts for various wearing parts can efficiently complete the maintenance task of the cold water machine, thus improving the efficiency of the maintenance of the cold water machine and reducing the waiting time of the enterprise. Therefore, spare parts are prepared for the cold water machine, and the main spare parts are vulnerable parts.

The maintenance efficiency of the cold water machine is very high under the premise of having spare parts. For long-term use of cold water machine enterprises, in order to reduce the impact of cold water machine failure on the production of enterprises, according to the specific use of enterprises, to prepare adequate industrial cold water machine spare parts. In order to be able to complete the equipment maintenance efficiently and reduce the loss of the enterprise in the event of a cold water machine failure.