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Explanation of high pressure fault of cold water machine

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Chiller high pressure fault explanation: condenser fouling or blockage. Condensate water is generally tap water, which is easy to scale when it is above 30 ℃, and because the cooling tower is open and directly exposed to the air, dust and foreign matter can easily enter the cooling water system, causing the condenser to be dirty and blocked, the heat exchange area is small, The efficiency is low, and it also affects the water flow. The performance is that the pressure difference between the inlet and outlet water of the unit, the temperature difference becomes larger, the upper and lower temperatures of the condenser are very high when touched by hand, and the copper pipe of the condenser is hot.

Chiller high pressure fault explanation: electrical fault caused by false positives. Due to moisture, poor contact or damage of the high-voltage protection relay, moisture or damage of the unit electronic board, communication failure causes false alarms. Solution: For this kind of false fault, the HP fault indicator on the electronic board is often not bright or slightly bright, the manual reset of the high-voltage protection relay is invalid, the operating current of the compressor is measured normally, and the suction and exhaust pressure is also normal. The refrigerant is mixed with non-condensable gases such as air and nitrogen. Solution: This situation generally occurs after maintenance, and the vacuum is not complete. Only drain, re-vacuum and refill refrigerant. Solution: the unit should be regularly backwashed, if necessary, chemical cleaning descaling.