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Several Common Faults of Chiller Compressor

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A brief summary of the common chiller failure problems can be roughly divided into four categories:

1. compressor fault:

1. First check whether the compressor can start normally and measure whether the compressor voltage is normal.

2. If the voltage is normal, check the static resistance. Whether the static resistance voltage is balanced and stable. If the resistance is unbalanced, see if the motor unit is short-circuited. Is there a problem with the winding. If the resistance is stable, see if the temperature of the compressor is also stable. If the temperature is too high, it should be cooled for a period of time. 2-3 hours to try again.

3. If everything is normal, see if the bearing is healthy.

The 2. compressor is noisy.

1. Check whether the screw of the compressor is firm, whether there is any slippage or collapse.

2. Test whether the current is stable. Whether it is too high.

3. If the compressor injection is too large, look at the cooling effect of the compressor and whether it is overheated.

4. Check whether the compressor has reverse rotation. Whether the compressor has been aging damage.

Insufficient 3. suction and exhaust pressure.

If it is found that the suction and exhaust pressure is low or high, it is generally a problem with the chiller system.

2. When the exhaust pressure is low, whether the defrosting system is normal, and if it is defrosting, there will be noise, which is normal.

4. current

1. The current check can not only be limited to the compressor, whether the voltage of the motor itself is stable.

2. Check the check valve and oil, whether this kind of original is normal.

The compressor unit configuration of the chiller is the core, heart, and top priority of the chiller. Protection and maintenance, detection for wiping are very important. Please pay attention to the protection of the compressor.

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