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What are the five main factors to consider when choosing a mold temperature machine?

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Mold temperature machine is also called mold temperature control machine, the initial application in the injection mold temperature control industry. Later, with the development of the machinery industry more and more widely used, now the mold temperature machine generally divided into water temperature machine, oil temperature machine control temperature can reach plus or minus 0.1 degrees.

Choose mold temperature machine need to pay attention to what? The main consideration of the five factors are as follows:




1. The size and capacity of the pump.

2. The size of the internal throat.

3. Heating capacity.

4. Cooling capacity.

5. Form of control.

In the modern factory, in response to market competition, save manpower, improve quality, reduce costs of business strategy is urgent, the use of mold temperature machine, can reduce the mold preheating time, improve the quality of the finished product surface and can be fully automated production. Increasing mold life is a necessary means to increase productivity.