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What are the operating procedures and precautions of the mold temperature machine?

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Mold temperature machine operation process

Check before 1. startup

1. Whether the surroundings are clean and free of debris, check whether the power supply, heater, controller, pressure gauge, pump, etc. are normal.

2. Check whether the oil level of the expansion tank is above 1/2-3/5 liquid level and whether the liquid level sensor is normal.

3. Turn on the power supply of the control cabinet, check whether the voltage is normal, and check whether the indicator light and each display instrument are normal.

2. startup

1, start the heat conduction oil circulating pump, start the pump after the normal cycle of about 0.5 hours to make the pressure stable;

2. Press the heating start button to observe whether the heating is normal;

3. shutdown operation

1. Normal shutdown ① Gradually reduce the temperature and stop heating; ② When the temperature of the heat transfer oil drops below 70 ℃, stop the operation of the heat transfer oil circulating pump; ③ Turn off the main power supply and make a record of the shift change.

If the emergency shutdown is due to emergency, the heating pipe should be closed quickly so that the heat transfer oil can be cooled naturally to prevent overheating.

Mold temperature machine matters needing attention

During the inspection, attention should be paid to check whether there is leakage around the electric heating heat conduction oil furnace. There should be sufficient oil and electrical fire fighting equipment nearby. Water is not allowed to be used as fire extinguishing agent;

Select the appropriate mold temperature controller

The random purchase of mold temperature control products can bring 20% profit loss at any time, so we must consider the needs of production in detail when purchasing, and strictly examine and approve the capabilities of mold temperature controller before making a decision. Unfortunately, people often ignore the extremely important aspects of this injection molding technology, and often wake up when productivity and quality problems occur.