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What are the characteristics of mold temperature machine?

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Mold temperature control machine (mold temperature machine), currently on the market there are basically two, one is water as the media, one is to heat conduction oil as the media.

1. the difference between these two kinds of mold temperature machines, the advantages of using water as a medium (referred to as water temperature machine or water mold temperature machine) are as follows

(1) There is no contamination.

(2) Low operating costs, almost no money to buy media.

(3) The heating rate is fast.

The advantages of 2. using heat transfer oil as a medium (referred to as oil temperature machine or oil mold temperature machine) are

(1) It is safer to operate under low pressure at high temperature.

(2) It can achieve a larger temperature control range than the water mold temperature machine. The function of the mold temperature machine is to heat and increase the mold temperature or cool to reduce the mold temperature and reach a reasonable temperature and control the injection working temperature to ensure the stable quality of injection molded parts and optimize the processing time. In the injection molding industry, the temperature of the mold plays a decisive role in the quality and injection time of the injection molded parts.

3. mold temperature machine integrated features:

1. The mold temperature machine adopts high quality imported from Europe and America, excellent performance, mute, power saving, low energy consumption and high temperature control accuracy.

2. The heater number was frozen after 8 orders. It was refined from imported heating wire and seamless stainless steel pipe. The heating time was short.

3. All stainless steel materials, corrosion resistance, durable, safe and reliable.

4. The performance is safe and reliable.

5. High degree of automation. Compact structure, beautiful appearance and easy to use.

6. Good energy saving efficiency, power saving and durability, long service life.

7, small size, small footprint, can be installed in the vicinity of the heat equipment, do not need to set up a special boiler room, do not need to set up personnel to operate, can reduce equipment investment and operating costs, fast recovery of investment.

8. The heating is uniform and flexible. PID self-tuning intelligent control is adopted for temperature adjustment. * * * The temperature control is 300 ℃, and the temperature control accuracy is high ≤ 1 ℃, which can meet the strict requirements of high process standards.

9, pipeline design: the use of 304 stainless steel integrated forming pipe, all welded pipeline design, acid and alkali resistance, pipe damage is small, uniform heating. And it can reduce the pyrolysis reaction of the medium.