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What are the working principles and types of mold temperature machines?

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Introduction to the working principle of 1. mold temperature machine:

The mold temperature machine is composed of water tank, heating and cooling system, power transmission system, liquid level control system, temperature sensor, injection port and other devices.

1. Under normal circumstances, the pump in the power transmission system makes the hot fluid reach the mold from the water tank equipped with a built-in heater and cooler, and then return from the mold to the water tank;

2. The temperature sensor measures the temperature of the hot fluid and transmits the data to the controller of the control part;

3. The controller adjusts the temperature of the hot fluid, thereby indirectly adjusting the temperature of the mold;

4. If the temperature of the mold exceeds the set value of the controller during production, the controller will open the solenoid valve to connect the water inlet pipe until the temperature of the hot fluid, that is, the temperature of the mold returns to the set value;

5. If the mold temperature is lower than the set value, the controller will turn on the heater.

types of 2. mold temperature machine profile:

The type of mold temperature machine is divided according to the heat transfer fluid (water or heat transfer oil) used. The mold temperature machine with water is usually used when the outlet temperature is 90 ℃ and the mold temperature machine with oil is used when the working temperature is ≥ 200 ℃.

1. Under normal circumstances, the mold temperature machine with open water tank heating is suitable for water or oil, * * * The main characteristics of this mold temperature machine with an outlet temperature of 90 ℃ to ≥ 150 ℃ are simple design and economical price.

2. On the basis of this machine, a mold temperature machine using pressure water is derived, and its allowable outlet temperature is 160 ℃ or higher. Because the temperature is higher than 90 ℃, the thermal conductivity of water is better than the same temperature. The oil is much better, so this machine has outstanding high temperature working ability.

3. In addition to the second time, there is also a forced flow mold temperature machine. For safety reasons, this mold temperature machine is designed to work at a temperature above 150 ℃ and uses heat transfer oil.

4. In order to prevent the oil in the heater of the mold temperature machine from overheating, the machine uses a forced flow pumping system, and the heater is composed of a certain number of stacked tubes, and the tubes are equipped with fin heating elements for diversion.