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Why use heat conduction oil furnace equipment?

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Heat conduction oil furnace due to the heat conduction oil furnace heating system good thermal stability, good heat transfer performance, low vapor pressure, and non-toxic tasteless, no corrosion to equipment and many other advantages, at present my company's electric heating heat conduction oil furnace has been widely used in various heat enterprises.

1. Stable heat source of heat conduction oil furnace: heat conduction oil furnace can output * * * 320 ℃ hot oil for heat users under normal pressure liquid phase; The heating system of Qilian heat conduction oil furnace uses PID self-tuning intelligent temperature control technology, with control accuracy up to 1 ℃ and heating temperature control freely. The main heating power supply adopts solid-state module contactless switch circuit, which is suitable for frequent switching, has no interference to the power supply network and prevents dry burning. Can also be designed according to user requirements to add hot oil cooling system to meet the need for rapid cooling after heating production process requirements;

2. The heat conduction oil furnace saves energy and has low operating cost: the heating system of the heat conduction oil furnace is a closed circuit of liquid phase, and the difference between the oil temperature and the oil return temperature is 20-30 degrees, that is to say, only heating the temperature difference of 20-30 degrees can reach the use temperature. At the same time, the electric heating heat conduction oil furnace has no heat loss such as running, emitting, dripping and leaking of the steam boiler, and the heat utilization rate is very high. Compared with the steam boiler, the energy saving is about 50%;

3, heat conduction oil furnace equipment investment: due to the heat conduction oil heating system is simple, no water treatment equipment and more auxiliary equipment, boiler under low pressure, so the whole system investment is less;

4, the heat conduction oil furnace is safe and reliable: because the system only bears the pump pressure, the heat conduction oil heating system has no explosion hazard, so it is safer;

5, heat conduction oil furnace environmental protection and no pollution: the environmental protection effect of organic heat carrier heating system is mainly reflected in the flue gas emissions are very small, no pollution and thermal pollution;

6. Heat conduction oil furnace is widely used: high temperature shaping, plate heating, rubber, drying, printing and dyeing, chemical industry, plywood production, petroleum, asphalt heating, mold, drying room, oven and other heat-requiring industries.

Features of heat conduction oil furnace:

For the electric heating oil furnace, the heat is generated and transmitted by the electric heating element immersed in the heat transfer oil. The heat transfer oil is used as the medium, and the circulating pump is used to force the heat transfer oil to circulate in liquid phase. The heat is transferred to one or more heat-using devices. After the heat-using devices are unloaded, the heat is returned to the heater through the circulating pump again, and the heat is absorbed and transferred to the heat-using equipment, to meet the heating process requirements.

Functional features

1. It has the characteristics of low pressure, high temperature, safety, high efficiency and energy saving.

2, with a complete operation control and safety monitoring device, can precisely control the working temperature.

3. Reasonable structure, complete supporting facilities, short installation period, convenient operation and maintenance, and convenient boiler layout.

4. Because the electric heating organic heat carrier furnace adopts advanced explosion-proof structure, it can be applied to explosion-proof in zone II of the factory, and the explosion-proof grade can reach grade C.