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Nanjing Low Pressure Heater Failure and Measures

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The function of the low-pressure heater is to use the steam that has done part of the work in the steam turbine to heat the feed water in the heater, increase the temperature of the water, reduce the amount of steam discharged from the steam turbine to the condenser, reduce energy loss, and improve The cycle efficiency of the thermal system. The structure is more vertical tube plate heater. The heating surface of the heater is generally composed of straight tube bundle or U-shaped tube bundle composed of brass tube or seamless steel tube. The heated water enters the separated water chamber side from the upper inlet pipe, and then flows into the U-shaped tube bundle. The U-shaped tube absorbs the heat of the heated steam in the steam space of the heater, and transfers it to the water flowing in the tube by the tube wall. The heated water flows out through the outlet water chamber of the heater.

Fault and measures

1. The pipe bundle at the steam inlet is easily damaged by steam flow erosion. Low pressure heater

Generally, a special protective baffle is installed in front of the tube bundle at the steam inlet to disperse the steam flow and reduce its impact.

2. The heated water is vaporized in the heating water pipe of the heater to cause water hammer.

To prevent this, it is required that the pressure of the heated water should be higher than the heating steam pressure.

3, non-condensable gas collection.

The air discharge pipe installed on the heater should be kept unblocked.