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What are the classification of cold water machine equipment?

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There are many ways to classify the ice machine, and we only classify it according to the cooling method of the chiller itself. Divided into air-cooled refrigerators and water-cooled refrigerators.

It is easy to understand that air cooling means that a fan is used to cool the heat dissipation part of the chiller. As shown in the right figure, the upper part of the chiller has a fan to exhaust air upward. This type of chiller has relatively large noise and needs better ventilation. It is generally placed outdoors. Water cooling means that there is circulating water to cool the refrigerator. As shown in the following figure, this type of chiller is relatively small in size and noise. It is easy to operate and maintain indoors, however, it must be used with cooling towers and circulating water pumps.

The classification of refrigerator equipment models, various titles on the market seem complex, so the following classification to sort out some common cold water machine equipment:

1. Classified by condenser cooling method: air-cooled and water-cooled

2, according to the compressor structure type classification: screw type, piston type, scroll type, centrifugal type

3, according to the model structure classification: box type, bench type

4, according to the chilled water outlet temperature classification: standard air conditioning type (above 0 ℃), low temperature cryogenic type (below 0 ℃)

5, according to the cooling medium (refrigerant) classification: salt water, ethylene glycol, corrosion resistance

In addition, according to the principle of refrigeration classification: compression type, absorption type; according to the evaporator structure type classification: full liquid type

Main characteristics of folding

1. The use of Europe and the United States export high-quality, new design compressor and famous factory Italian water pump, especially quiet, power saving.

2. Exquisite electronic temperature controller with accuracy of ± 1 ℃ and control range of 3 ℃ to 50 ℃.

3. Control line chain control.

4. Equipped with phase sequence protection, power short circuit protection, current overload protection, high and low voltage control, icing protection, water flow system, electronic time delay and other safety devices.

5. When the machine automatically detects an abnormality, the status indicator shows the abnormal condition and alarms.