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What are the precautions for the use of hot press oil heaters

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Precautions for the use of hot press oil heater:

In use, attention should be paid to prevent the hydraulic oil from being contaminated and replace the hydraulic oil in time. More than 70% of hydraulic system failures are caused by improper use. Therefore, to ensure the normal and reliable operation of the hydraulic system, it is not only necessary to correctly and reasonably select the hydraulic oil, but also to correctly use and manage the hydraulic oil.

1. Keep the hydraulic system of the hot press oil temperature machine clean

The remaining iron filings, metal powder and other impurities during the processing and installation of hydraulic components, if not cleaned in time, will be brought into the oil. With the flow of oil, the impurities will cause the hydraulic system to work abnormally, and in severe cases Will cause failure. Therefore, the hydraulic system should be carefully checked and cleaned before installation and operation. Whether it is a new or overhauled hydraulic system, or when replacing the hydraulic oil, it must be cleaned and cleaned. The hydraulic system is used for the hydraulic device. Working oil or test oil.

2, to prevent the mixing of water

The hot press oil heater should be prevented from being mixed with water during use. After being mixed with water, the hydraulic oil will emulsify and become milky white. The oil should be changed in time to avoid wear and corrosion of hydraulic components and deterioration of hydraulic system operation. The main way of mixing water into the hydraulic system is the oil tank and cooler. It is necessary to regularly check whether the oil tank cover on the upper part of the frame is sealed, whether the cooler is in water, and clean the filter regularly, about once every three months.

3. Replace hydraulic oil regularly

Hot press oil heater in use, due to its own deterioration and pollution by foreign substances, will make the quality decline, when the quality drops more than a certain limit, the hydraulic oil needs to be replaced.

The service life of the hot press oil heater is related to its working conditions and its own quality. Under normal use and management conditions, the service life of hydraulic oil containing additives is generally about one year. If it is containing antioxidant, anti-corrosion additives, and the use of three types of base oil into the hydraulic oil, the service life of up to one and a half to two years.

The above-mentioned oil change period is a general situation. In fact, due to the good management and maintenance work of some equipment, the use period of hydraulic oil can be extended for a period of time, which should also be determined according to the frequency of equipment use.