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What are the classification of industrial chillers by application?

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Cold water machine is commonly known as {freezer, cooling machine, frozen water machine, ice water machine, refrigerator}.

Industrial chillers can be divided into electroplating chillers, oxidation chillers, laser chillers, coating chillers, wave soldering chillers, reflow soldering chillers, exposure chillers, developing chillers, ultrasonic chillers, extruder chillers, high frequency quenching chillers, injection molding chillers, electrophoretic paint chillers, pharmaceutical chillers, food chillers, stainless steel chillers, circuit board chillers, according to the working conditions can also be divided into air-cooled chillers, water-cooled chillers, low-temperature chillers, constant temperature chillers and other industrial chiller refrigeration system heat exchange equipment mainly refers to the evaporator, condenser. Both are devices in which heat exchange occurs between the refrigerant and the external heat source medium. Good heat exchanger design, but also must have the guarantee of manufacturing process. In addition, the maintenance of the chiller in operation is also very important. Heat exchanger will inevitably appear in the use of surface fouling, split chiller, especially the water side and air side is easy to form scale, grime, air-cooled screw chiller, refrigerant side will also have oil film. These dirt have a great impact on heat transfer, so descaling and water quality treatment play a very important role in the operation and maintenance of chillers. With the improvement of the reliability of the compressor, in a sense, the maintenance work of the operator lies in the maintenance of the exchange equipment, especially the large unit.