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The reason for the relatively high noise of the summer cold water machine

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First of all, it must be the ambient temperature.

Because the ambient temperature in summer is relatively high, the temperature of the cold water machine room is relatively high, resulting in the overall use of the cold water machine temperature is relatively high, which for the compressor, will reduce its efficiency, and if you want to achieve a fixed output temperature, it is necessary to improve the cooling power, can meet the cold water machine in the summer enterprise refrigeration demand, therefore, will greatly improve the compressor workload!

It is well known that when the load of the compressor becomes large, the noise and vibration of the compressor will naturally become large, which is a normal phenomenon.

Secondly, in the summer, the condenser is prone to problems.

In summer, the condenser of the chiller will cause various inefficiencies due to the problems of scale and dust, resulting in abnormal condensing pressure and condensing temperature, thus reducing the refrigeration efficiency of the whole chiller system. As mentioned above, the compressor must increase and improve its compression efficiency to meet the normal refrigeration demand, which is not good for the whole chiller.

Moreover, the noise is relatively high, but also related to the air environment.

Summer air is relatively dry, which will allow dust to enter the cold water machine system, once the dust into the cold water machine system, will cause the compressor compression system to run a certain degree of difficulty, so it will also lead to noise and vibration abnormal high problem.

Of course, the noise may also be caused by the unstable fixing of the compressor feet, the smoothness of the installation site, the loosening of the foot screws, or the resonance caused by other items above or around the cold water machine equipment, etc.

Never place debris around, otherwise, it will also cause vibration, not only vibration, noise, but also affect heat dissipation!