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Refrigerator is a more complex equipment, its main purpose is to provide cooling capacity for enterprise space or products, in short, it is born for refrigeration, and want to make the refrigerator more practical, more easy to use, and more efficient, you need to pay attention to several aspects, small make up for everyone to talk about these aspects!

To make the refrigerator more efficient, practical and easy to use, please note: it must be cleaned and maintained regularly.

Cleaning is one of the most important work in maintenance, maintenance is a comprehensive and complex work including cleaning work. Refrigeration enterprises must establish perfect rules and regulations, that is, to clean and maintain regularly to ensure the normal operation of the refrigerator.

Let the refrigerator become more efficient, more practical, more easy to use the second note: pay attention to refrigeration lubricants.

Refrigerated lubricating oil is a necessary medium for compressor operation, and whether the refrigerating lubricating oil is normal determines whether the refrigerator can operate normally. Therefore, high-quality lubricating oil should be used and attention should be paid to whether the parameters meet the requirements.

Let the refrigerator become more efficient, more practical, more easy to use the third note: pay attention to any abnormal noise and vibration.

Refrigerator is a complex equipment, in the normal operation process, it is inevitable that there will be failure or noise, abnormal vibration, this is possible, once the noise and vibration abnormal, do not panic, of course, is the first stop inspection, troubleshooting and solve the problem, and then the refrigerator to boot!

The fourth note to make the refrigerator more efficient, more practical and easier to use: once the compressor is shut down due to failure, the problem should be thoroughly investigated and solved before starting up and running!

Let the refrigerator become more efficient, more practical, more easy to use the fifth note: pay attention to maintenance problems.

Frozen opportunity failure, in the warranty period, should let the refrigerator manufacturers to repair for you, rather than unauthorized repair, otherwise it may cause no warranty and other issues, if the warranty period has arrived, then, still must be professional, know how to maintain the technical personnel to come to repair!