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How to use the cold water machine correctly?

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How to correctly use the cold water machine? 1. monthly regular recuperation 1, search voltage is not normal, lack of phase. 2, search and record the running current. 3. Measure and record whether the concave-convex pressure and temperature control temperature are normal. (Low voltage is 1.5MPa/low voltage is 0.45MPa in political parties) 4. Check whether the disassembly of chain control circuit is loose and aging. 5. Check whether the oil level and oil temperature are normal. 6. Search and check whether the shortening machine has abnormal sound and abnormal shock air-cooled water chiller. 7. Refrigerant system test. 8. Overall commissioning and testing. 9. Regular air-cooled chillers search and check whether the water quality of frozen water and cooling water is normal. When the water quality of the water source becomes turbid and quality, please replace the water source in real time. 2. annual recuperation 1. Washing condenser (washing once every six months). 2. Washing cooling tower (water-cooled stacking operation is cleaned once every three months). 3. Search and inspect the frozen oil and smooth oil system, and replace and make up when necessary. 4. Search and inspect the main motor road system. 5. Shorten the motor coil insulation test. 6. Search and check whether the drying filter is normal and has infarction. Replace the air-cooled chiller when necessary. 7. Search and check the amount of refrigerant to make up for the refrigerant in real time. 8. Search, inspect and revise the concave-convex pressure switch. 9, search and revise the thermostat. 10. Test run and general revision, test whether the superheat is normal or not, and whether each component has abnormal sound. The following items must be checked before the initial operation of the chiller: 1. Whether the power supply voltage and phase number are suitable for the air-cooled chiller grid, please refer to the nameplate. [Note: The refrigeration motor source above 3HP adopts three-phase and five-wire, the voltage 380~415V/50HZ power supply phase lines are divided into R, S and T, the neutral line (zero line) N, the grounding line is a double-color line and is implied by E, and a fault and missing phase shield is provided inside. When the power supply starts at * * * times, no light or red light flashes and fault codes and warning signs are displayed, the phase line can be switched to each other at will and then the switch can be closed. Refrigerators below 3HP use single-phase power supply, with a voltage of 220-240V/50HZ. The phase line of the power supply is L, the center line is N, and the ground line is E. 2. Whether the frozen water pipe and the cold air-cooled chiller are connected to the pipeline and the connected valve is opened; (Please refer to the installation diagram)

1. Please check whether the machine is damaged during the installation period and select the appropriate place to facilitate installation and maintenance in the future.

2. The site where the unit is installed must be the floor, mounting pad or foundation, with a degree of less than 6.4mm, and can encounter the operating weight of the unit.

3. The unit should be placed in a room with a room temperature of 4.4-43.3 ℃, and there should be enough space around and above the unit for general shielding work.

4. At one end of the unit, there should be a pipe extraction space for cleaning up the condenser control, and the door opening or other holes with suitable status can also be dominated.

5. Select the water pipe with appropriate pipe diameter, the cooling system and cold water system of the unit during power operation, and make sure they are connected.