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What should I do with the air entering the refrigeration system of the screw chiller?

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Screw chillers mostly use R22 as a refrigerant, in this refrigeration system, there is generally no dedicated air release device, so the Freon screw chiller refrigeration system sealing requirements are particularly high, usually must pay attention to not let the air into the system. If too much air enters the refrigeration system of the screw chiller during maintenance or work, and the air is directly present in the upper part of the horizontal condenser because it is lighter than fluorine gas, then after the refrigerant is pumped into the condenser of the screw chiller, stop the machine and let it stand for more than 20min to concentrate the air on the upper part of the condenser. At this time, open the air release valve at the top of the condenser of the screw chiller, or make the compressor exhaust valve multi-universal hole plug to release air. When releasing air from the refrigeration system of the screw chiller, you can directly contact the released air flow with your hands. If the cool wind is air, you can continue to release it. If your hands feel the cold air, it means Freon is running out. At this time, you must remember to close the air release valve or plug. In normal air release operation, the loss of Freon will only account for 3% of the exhaust gas. So, we discharge screw chiller refrigeration system in which time period of air is more appropriate? Under normal circumstances, for screw chiller, *** is just to work every day, has not started the refrigeration system, especially in the shutdown state to exclude air on the screw chiller better.