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How to avoid the three major mistakes in the purchase of mold temperature machine

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The mold temperature machine refers to the three aspects of power, price and technology. The price of the oil-type mold temperature machine is a concern of every purchaser, but it is not the final factor. The power of the oil-type mold temperature machine is large, and the operation power consumption is increased, which virtually increases the cost of the enterprise, and the selection is small, which cannot meet the requirements of the production technology. The process characteristics of each industry are different, and the oil mold temperature machine with the same power must be consistent with the process to meet the demand.

How to avoid the three major mistakes in the purchase of mold temperature machine

Mold temperature machine to buy a misunderstanding-power:

Many users only compare the heating power when purchasing the oil mold temperature machine, and only provide the heating power or use temperature to the inquiry manufacturer. In fact, the oil mold temperature machine has two high power need to pay attention to, one is the heating power, the second is the pump power. In the case of the same heating power or temperature, the pump is too small, the flow is insufficient, and the production process cannot be met.

Mold temperature machine purchase misunderstanding two-process:

Most users will choose to make inquiries based on the selection data of a certain manufacturer. First of all, many employees do not know the industry very well, and there is also the risk of selection errors. In addition, some are simply equipped with larger ones, which virtually increases many unnecessary costs. In addition, different oil mold temperature machine manufacturers, due to their own processing capacity, practical application experience, the use of accessories, recommended habits and other factors, often on the user's use of a certain requirements and process conditions are not very thorough understanding, design selection will appear biased. If the customer takes such a selection of single inquiry, will inevitably affect the quality of procurement. It is suggested that users only provide process conditions, and each manufacturer is required to design and select the type according to the conditions provided. Through comprehensive comparison, according to the manufacturer selection basis to choose.

Oil type mold temperature machine purchase misunderstanding three-price:

Only buy * * * manufacturers of oil-type mold temperature machine, many customers think that the same request to inquire different suppliers, should get the same product, so which cheaper to buy which, this idea is often wrong. To be good at comprehensive oil mold temperature machine cost-effective comparison, such as: technical power, manufacturing capacity, corporate reputation, after-sales service, etc. should be used as a reference factor, otherwise the loss is greater, and it is easy to draw some wrong conclusions.

Moreover, the oil-type mold temperature machine has different models, different structural compositions, different materials and specifications, and different requirements for quality positioning. The price of the oil-type mold temperature machine is not comparable, and the working performance shown in the use process will also There will be a big gap.