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The use of heat conduction oil furnace need to pay attention to what matters?

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The heat-conducting oil furnace directly inserts the electric heater into the organic carrier (heat-conducting oil) for direct heating, and carries out liquid-phase circulation through the high-temperature oil pump to transport the heated heat-conducting oil to the heating equipment, and then returns the oil outlet of the heating equipment to the electric heating oil furnace for heating, forming a complete circulating heating system. Electric heating heat conduction oil furnace adopts digital display temperature controller to control temperature, with over-temperature alarm, low oil level alarm, over-pressure alarm function.

The use of heat conduction oil furnace need to pay attention to what matters below to understand:

1, in the wiring, please heat conduction oil furnace and explosion-proof junction box reliable grounding;

2. When in use, if there is no medium flow in the heat-conducting oil furnace, the electric heater is strictly prohibited from being put into operation to prevent the heat-conducting oil furnace from burning out;

3. If the parameters of the temperature control meter need to be changed, it must be operated by professional technicians after the approval of the production department. The process parameters shall not be changed without the permission of the scheduling;

4. When the heat-conducting oil furnace is put into operation for the first time, professional and technical personnel should be present;

5. When the heat conduction oil furnace is out of service for a long time, please disconnect all circuit breakers;

6. After the heat conduction oil furnace stops working, it must be cooled for 3-5 minutes to avoid excessive residual temperature.