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What are the effects of high light mold temperature machine for injection molding?

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High light mold temperature machine can solve for each kind of plastic and plastic parts, there is a mold surface temperature limit, beyond this range may appear one or more adverse effects (for example: components can overflow burrs). A higher mold temperature means less flow resistance. High-light mold temperature machine know that on many injection molding machines, this naturally means faster flow through the gate, gate and cavity, because the injection flow control valve used does not correct this change, and faster filling will cause higher effective pressure in the runner and cavity, which may cause overflow burrs. Since the hotter model does not freeze the plastic that entered the flash edge area before the high pressure was formed, the melt can flash around the ejector rod and overflow into the parting line gap, which indicates the need for good injection rate control, and Wuxi Guanya's flow control programmer can indeed do this.

Heat preservation method of high-gloss mold temperature machine mold

Many molds, especially engineering thermoplastics, operate at relatively high temperatures. If the mold is not insulated, the heat lost to the air and injection molding machine can easily be as much as the loss of the injection cylinder. Therefore, when using the high-light mold temperature machine, the mold and the machine plate should be insulated, and if possible, the surface of the mold should be insulated. If a hot runner mold is considered, try to reduce the heat exchange between the hot channel part and the cooled injection molded part. Such an approach may reduce energy loss and warm-up time.

The necessity of using high-light mold temperature machine

The appearance of the formed product, the physical properties of the material, the forming cycle, etc. are affected by the temperature of the die core, which is quite significant * * *. In general molding, the temperature of the mold kernel is kept low, which is ideal to increase the number of shots. However, the forming cycle related to the shape of the molded product (mold kernel structure) and the type of finished material also depends on the need to increase the filling temperature of the mold kernel.