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What is the cause of frost on air-cooled chiller parts?

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Air cooled chiller can be widely used in various industries, such as plastic industry in the injection molding, plastic, etc. The chiller can accurately control the temperature of the plastic molding die to shorten the molding cycle, accelerate the product sizing, so that the product will not deform and shrink, but also improve the surface smoothness and enhance the perspective rate. It is also suitable for cooling the main shaft lubricating oil and hydraulic transmission medium of CNC machine tools, coordinate boring, grinding machines, machining centers, combined machine tools and various precision machine tools. It can accurately control the oil temperature and effectively reduce the thermal deformation of the machine tools, improve the machining accuracy of machine tools.

Frost think is very common, it does not belong to the category of failure, but also need timely treatment, so as not to affect the operation of the cold water machine. Xiao Bian on the cold water machine parts frost several reasons, for everyone to do a brief analysis.

Air-cooled chiller in the use of the process, often encounter the situation of frosting, the general part of the chiller frosting unit at the bottom of the compressor, the bottom of the expansion valve and other positions, serious points for the liquid pipe will be frosted.

1. Normal frosting

At the beginning of the operation of the chiller, due to the low condensing temperature and condensing pressure, the liquid supply of the expansion valve is lower than the normal value, so that the evaporation pressure is reduced, thus causing the low pressure liquid supply pipe frosting phenomenon. However, this kind of frosting to melting is only a short process. Generally, frosting starts after the compressor is running. The whole frosting melting process is over within 5 minutes, and the refrigerator enters normal operation.

2. Lack of fluorine

When the cold water machine is short of refrigerant, the low-pressure liquid supply pipe will appear frosting phenomenon, which is a typical fault phenomenon. This phenomenon is manifested in the operation of the refrigerator, the low-pressure liquid supply pipe will begin to frost, and when the compressor is running for more than 10 minutes, it will not disappear. The cause of fluorine deficiency may be a normal phenomenon for refrigerators that have been used for many years, as long as the refrigerant is added. For only two or three years of use or just installed soon after the lack of fluorine phenomenon, it is caused by the leakage of the refrigeration system.

3. Local blockage of chiller refrigeration system

Air-cooled chiller blockage point is generally in the filter outlet or expansion valve is more common, due to the occurrence of local blockage in the system and the throttling effect, so that the pressure after throttling is lower than the normal value of the work, causing frosting.

4, fluorine or poor ventilation

Air-cooled chillers are generally used in the form of axial flow blowing heat, that is, both sides of the suction, through the top of the refrigerator fan heat dissipated into the air, within the working range of the refrigerator, to maintain smooth ventilation, both sides of the reserved distance of not less than 1.5m, while the top needs more than 2.5m of space to prevent hot air back pressure. Water-cooled chillers do not have this requirement.