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Safety Precautions of Heat Transfer Oil Heater

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To prevent the heat conduction oil electric heater accident must start from two aspects of equipment and medium at the same time, the following together to understand:

1. make the equipment have sufficient strength and tightness, not broken or leak;

2. make the heat transfer oil in the heat is not hot, does not deteriorate, normal flow and heat exchange. There are mainly:

1. The supplier of the heat transfer oil electric heater shall provide the physical and chemical performance data of the heat transfer oil and shall meet the requirements of * * * standard. The heat transfer oil should be tested once a year in use, and the problem should be replaced or regenerated in time.

2, heat conduction oil electric heater in the start should be fully discharged air, water vapor and light components. In operation, the flow rate of heat transfer oil should be maintained at a high enough rate to prevent power failure and stop the pump, so as to avoid overheating and coking or carbon deposition of heat transfer oil. The filter should be cleaned regularly.

3, heat conduction oil electric heater and heating system safety device should be complete and intact, overtemperature, overpressure protection device should be sensitive and reliable.