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The method of eliminating the hidden danger of using the mold temperature machine

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Methods to eliminate potential safety hazards in the use of equipment

The heat transfer oil used in the mold temperature machine belongs to organic matter. Under certain conditions, the heat transfer oil will be burned, and the working temperature of die casting is also very high. Therefore, when using the mold temperature machine, we should know what risks exist when the equipment is used and make corresponding safety measures:

1, mold temperature machine to try to stay away from the heat source (such as melting furnace, holding furnace), on the one hand to avoid heat conduction oil fire, on the other hand to avoid the temperature is too high, the unit electronic components premature aging;

2, should be used to connect the high temperature tubing or insulation pipe mold and unit, so that it can withstand the system pressure and can withstand high temperature; when the temperature exceeds 245 ℃, should select the high temperature resistant metal hose. Some of the equipment pipe connection will emit choking fumes, and the mold temperature machine is very close to the furnace, die-casting alloy liquid temperature is usually more than 600 ℃, so the risk will be relatively large;

4. Regularly check the external pipe and internal pipe of the mold temperature machine, and confirm that there is no leakage at the equipment joint;

5, must not use the usual as a medium, but to use the thermal stability of good composition of heat transfer oil, reduce fouling;

6. Replace the heat transfer oil regularly (the replacement period is determined according to the instructions of the heat transfer oil and the supplier's claim);

7, each time after the mold, check whether there is a risk of mechanical failure and electrical, control is not in doubt.