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Brewery Chiller

Hengde is a professional brewery chiller manufacturer and supplier in China.



Project Introduction

Hengde is a professional brewery chiller manufacturer and supplier in China.

Hengde beer chiller is a kind of glycol chiller specially designed for beer industry cooling.

The brewery chillers manufactured by Hengde are widely used in the brewing process, including: wort cooling, Brite tank temperature control, fermentation temperature control, quick freezing, pre-packaging, and product storage.

Brewery coolers and cooling systems are the most necessary part of the brewery process.

In the existing brewery production process, the brewery glycol chiller must be used to achieve the dual improvement of quality control and production efficiency.

This process requires the use of a glycol cooler to achieve the desired temperature.

The glycol beer chiller is used to adjust the water temperature to -1 ℃, 0-10 ℃, 8-13 ℃ four gears.

Our high quality beer chiller:

1. In the process of brewing and saccharification, the clarified wort enters the cooling system cooler to cool down to 5-8 ℃

2. After the wort is cooled and yeast is added, it is sent to a fermentation tank or fermentation tank for fermentation, and the temperature is controlled at 8-13°C through the coil in the fermentation equipment.

3. In order to mature the semi-finished beer, it is sent to a storage tank and cooled to about 0°C.

4, the finished beer filling to reach a clear state of wine, need to be filtered at about -1 ℃.

This glycol chiller is specially used for cooling in the beer brewing process.

Hengde has a complete chiller, refrigeration system, and beer cooling system, which is not affected by high temperature and environment.

The water temperature is adjusted in the range of -5°C to 30°C to provide a continuous supply of cooling water for beer brewing.

If you want to choose a brewery chiller or chiller for a brewery or winery, there are several important factors that you should pay more attention:

Your brewery capacity, number and BBL of fermentation tanks, number and BBL of beer tanks and wort cooling.

Hengde has extensive experience in designing and manufacturing brewery chillers and various brewery cooling systems for your application.

To date, Hengde has installed glycol chillers in more than 500 breweries, and our experience and expertise are meeting the needs of breweries worldwide.

Brewery coolers are used in various applications, including brewery-cooling wort control fermentation, rapid cooling container, pre-packaging, product storage, brewery-fermentation process, cold stabilization, indoor cooling, cider-fermentation control, cold Frozen juice, refrigerated final product, brewery fermentation process, circulation between distillation tank and distiller, heat removal.

Our current Brewery Chillers continuously improving its original design by incorporating our customers' best ideas and suggestions into our standard chillers.

We can also listen to your special requirements and then custom design and manufacture the brew cooler to meet your specific needs.

From small breweries to Brewpub to regional and large breweries, we have a complete solution for your needs.

Please contact Hengde immediately to customize your brewery chiller.


HENGDE designs and manufactures various types of brewery chillers for you

Brewery chiller capacity 2 tons to 150 tons

Adjustable temperature control range -15 ℃ to 5 ℃

Air-cooled and water-cooled brewery chillers

Compact design, portable and cost-effective solution

Cooling various brewery applications

High cooling efficiency heat exchanger

Built-in stainless steel water tank and water pump

Easy installation and operation, low maintenance cost