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Application of Industrial Air Cooler in Air Conditioning Industry

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A: industrial air cooler-features

Industrial air cooler is designed for the cooling process of aluminum-free wave soldering, reflow soldering and other equipment. According to the temperature control, the specifications are as follows: above 10 degrees, 5-10 degrees, 0-5 degrees, -5-15 degrees.

Two: central air conditioning-features

Water cooler air conditioner is a new type of central air conditioning unit, it focuses on the essence of domestic and foreign products, the use of modern advanced technology manufacturing, good quality, beautiful appearance, a total of two major types of products, (direct blowing and duct type) 12 kinds of specifications, cooling capacity by (25000W-199400W). Can be widely used in electronics, food, cinema, restaurants and other industrial and comfort places.

central air conditioning host:

1. The water-cooled chiller adopts horizontal shell and tube condenser and shell and tube evaporator, which has the characteristics of simple structure, lasting efficiency and convenient maintenance. It has been recognized as the most ideal structural composition of the central air-conditioning host.

2. The unit control system adopts imported PLC controller, the man-machine interface is equipped with a large screen touch screen, the interface is simple and generous, and the operation is intuitive and simple.

3. The unit has reliable safety protection devices, including high and low voltage protector, exhaust overheat protector, compressor motor overheat protector, overload current protector, antifreeze temperature protector, water flow protector emergency stop switch, temperature sensing fusible bolt, valve, etc.