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Oil temperature machine effect how?

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Oil temperature machine is used to adjust the mold temperature of the balance of the mold, you can also heat up and cool down. The oil temperature machine uses the heat conduction medium with high heat conduction to control the temperature of the mold in a very short time. After setting the thermal equilibrium temperature, the mold temperature function can automatically control its temperature within a minimum error, and can maintain a fixed value.

For the purpose of controlling the mold temperature and the influence of the mold temperature on the product, it is more important. The main purpose of controlling the mold temperature is to heat the mold to the working temperature, and the second is to keep the mold temperature constant at the working temperature. If the above two points are successful, the cycle time can be. In order to ensure the stability of the high quality of the object, the mold temperature will affect the surface quality, liquidity, shrinkage, production cycle efficiency and deformation and other aspects. Too high or insufficient mold temperature will have different effects on different materials.