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Why does the oil temperature machine catch fire?

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Oil temperature machine fire can be divided into two types:

1, the heat transfer oil itself is not in contact with other items and spontaneous combustion occurs.

Reason: A. Heat transfer oil temperature reaches the ignition point and catches fire in contact with air

B, heat transfer oil oil temperature reaches the flash point, the volatile gas in the tank reaches a certain concentration after contact with the fire center and fire

Preventive measures:(1) When purchasing an oil-type mold temperature machine, be careful not to purchase a mold temperature machine with an oil tank directly involved in the heating cycle.

(2) When using an oil-type mold temperature machine, the flash point of the heat transfer oil used should be clear, and the heating set temperature should not exceed

Flash point of heat transfer oil

2, mold temperature machine pipeline leakage, high temperature heat transfer oil contact with other items and ignition

Preventive measures: regularly check the mold temperature machine system pipeline to see if there is a hidden danger of leakage. Once the leak is found, please deal with it in time.