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How to extend the service life of high temperature oil mold temperature machine?

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The application of mold temperature machine in various industries is very common. The equipment uses water or heat transfer oil as heat transfer medium. Through PID self-tuning adjustment method, the temperature of the application equipment can be accurately controlled. Mold temperature machine is a fixed investment in production equipment, we all know that production equipment is a useful life or depreciation requirements. If we through reasonable use and timely maintenance, the equipment can be kept in good running condition, and the equipment components are not easy to be damaged or worn, then the service life of the mold temperature machine can be effectively extended, which undoubtedly reduces the production (equipment depreciation) cost for users. Here we will introduce some matters needing attention in the use of the mold temperature machine, here we take the commonly used oil type mold temperature machine as an example to illustrate.

1. Keep the heat transfer medium of the mold temperature machine, that is, the heat transfer oil is clean

The remaining iron filings, metal powder and other impurities in the production process should be cleaned in time and cannot be mixed into the heat transfer oil. With the flow of the oil, the impurities will cause the heat transfer cycle to work abnormally, and in severe cases, it will cause failure.

2. Prevent the mixing of moisture

The heat transfer oil of the mold temperature machine should be prevented from being mixed with water during use. If water is mixed, the heat transfer oil will emulsify and become milky white. As we all know, oil and water are not fused. The mixed liquid after fusion will expand after heating. It will spray under high temperature conditions, causing personal injury accidents. The water mixed with the heat transfer oil in the system generally comes from the oil tank, the cooler and the heat transfer oil added. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly check whether the oil tank cover on the upper part of the frame is sealed, whether the cooler is in water, and regularly clean the filter, about every three months.

3. Regularly replace the heat transfer oil

During the use of the oil-type mold temperature machine, due to the deterioration of the heat transfer oil itself and the pollution of foreign substances, the quality will decline and age. When it exceeds a certain limit, its thermal conductivity will decrease, and serious carbon formation will occur. Cause damage to the heating pipe and pipeline blockage and other failures. The oil change cycle of the mold temperature machine is usually determined according to the use frequency and use time of the equipment. If the equipment management and maintenance work is done well, the use cycle of the heat transfer oil can be longer. Good equipment stability is inseparable from standardized use and good maintenance. Only by paying attention to every detail in the above process can the service life of the mold temperature machine be more effectively extended.