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Why does the cold water machine have high pressure failure

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Why is the high pressure failure of the cold water machine: too much refrigerant charge. This situation generally occurs after maintenance, the performance of the suction and exhaust pressure, balance pressure are high, the compressor running current is also high. Solution: It should be deflated under rated conditions according to suction and exhaust pressure and balance pressure and operating current until normal.

Why the cold water machine high pressure failure: the cooling water temperature is high, the condensation effect is not good. The rated working condition of the cooling water required by the chiller is 30~35 ℃, the water temperature is high, and the heat dissipation is poor, which will inevitably lead to high condensation pressure. This phenomenon often occurs in the high temperature season. Solution: The reason for the high water temperature may be: the cooling tower failure, such as the fan is not turned on or even reversed, the water distributor does not turn, the cooling water temperature is very high, and the rapid rise; the outside air temperature is high, the waterway is short, and the amount of water that can be circulated is small. In this case, the cooling water temperature is generally maintained at a high level, which can be solved by increasing the storage tank.

Why does the cold water machine have high pressure failure: the cooling water flow is insufficient, and the rated water flow is not reached. The main manifestation is that the pressure difference between the inlet and outlet of the unit becomes smaller (compared with the pressure difference at the beginning of the system putting into operation) and the temperature difference becomes larger. Solution: The reason for the lack of water flow is that the system lacks water or has air. The solution is to install an exhaust valve at the height of the pipeline for exhaust. The pipeline filter is blocked or too fine, and the water permeability is limited. Appropriate filters should be selected and the filter screen should be cleaned regularly. The water pump is small and does not match the system.