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Ht-30w (a)
Ht-30w (a)
Ht-30w (a)
Ht-30w (a)
Ht-30w (a)
Ht-30w (a)
  • Ht-30w (a)
  • Ht-30w (a)
  • Ht-30w (a)
  • Ht-30w (a)
  • Ht-30w (a)
  • Ht-30w (a)

Ht-30w (a)

The operator makes, the structure is simple, easy to repair

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---- Select Hengde mold temperature machine----

We use professional manufacturing technology to create suitable temperature control equipment for customers in different industries. According to the actual temperature control requirements of customers, from design selection to production and manufacturing, to provide customers with temperature control equipment closely integrated with the application requirements, thereby saving customers the cost of procurement and use.

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The temperature control range is 4-120 ℃, and the control accuracy is ± 1 ℃

Adopt stainless steel heat preservation water tank

Adopt imported compressor

Anti-icing protection device, over-temperature protection device

Refrigerant R22, good cooling effect

Refrigeration circuit adopts high and low pressure switch control

Overload protection for compressor and pump

Shell and tube condenser, fast heat conduction, good heat dissipation effect

Plate evaporator, small size, small space occupation

The operator is simple, the structure is simple, easy to repair.


Item/Model Ht-30w (a)
Range Of Temperature Control 3 ℃-98 ℃
Refrigerant Capacity Kcal/h 85303
KW 99.19
Power Supply 3N-380V/415V 50HZ/60HZ
Compressor Type Fully enclosed rotary or piston type
Power(KW) 7.5*3
Cooling Water Water Flow(m3/h) 21.32
Water Resistance(kpa) 36
Pipe Diameter(inch) G2-1/2
Chilled Water Water Flow(m3/h) 17.06
Water Resistance(kpa) 0.405
Pipe Diameter(inch) G2-1/2
Cold Water Pump Power(KW) 4
Maximum Head(M) 240
Hot Water Pump Power(KW) 2.2
Maximum Head(M) 220
Heating Energy KW 24
Size Length(mm) 1810
Width(mm) 950
Height(mm) 1680
Weight Kg 690
Measures Exchange 1KW=860kcal/h     1RT=3.024kcal/h    10000Btu/h=2520kcal/h

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