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  • HC-08W
  • HC-08W
  • HC-08W
  • HC-08W


Selection of high-quality brand-name water pump, large flow, low noise, durable.

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---- Select Hengde mold temperature machine----

We use professional manufacturing technology to create suitable temperature control equipment for customers in different industries. According to the actual temperature control requirements of customers, from design selection to production and manufacturing, to provide customers with temperature control equipment closely integrated with the application requirements, thereby saving customers the cost of procurement and use.

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Imported famous pants compressor, built-in safety protection, low noise, energy saving and durable, in order to increase the service life of the equipment.

Seamless tooth-shaped external thread copper tube shell-and-tube condenser has the advantages of strong heat exchange efficiency, long life, removable and washable.

All stainless steel thick insulation water tank, built-in automatic water supply and water level protection devices, cleaning and maintenance is convenient and quick.

Selection of high-quality brand-name water pump, large flow, low noise, durable.

Liquid crystal display microcomputer controller, can accurately control the water temperature, Chinese interface, simple and convenient operation, complete control functions.

German Schneider Electric products, with a sound electrical protection system.

Anti-static spraying shell, beautiful and generous, the outer surface of the board adopts the form of quick installation, easy to use and maintenance.

This series of models can be customized acid and alkali resistant cold water machine.


Item/Model HC-08W
Cooling Capacity Kcal/h 50HZ 20640
60HZ 24720
KW 50HZ 24
60HZ 28.8
Input Power KW 8.05
Power 3PH 380V 50HZ (200V/220V/415V 50HZ/60HZ)
Refrigerant Type R22 (R134a/407c/404a/410a) etc
Control Mode Capillary
Compressor Type Fully enclosed vortex type (Piston)
Power(KW) 3*2
Condenser Type Shell and tube (Stainless steel plate condenser)
Cooling Water Flow(m3/h) 5.2
Pipe Diameter (inch) 1 1/2"
Evaporator Type Tank coil (Dry type shell and tube / Stainless steel plate evaporator)
Frozen Water Flow(m3/h) 4.1
Water Tank Capacity(L) 150
Pipe Diameter(inch) 1"
Pump Power(KW) 0.75
Maximum Head(M) 22
Safety Protection Compressor overheating, over current, high and low pressure, over temperature, traffic, phase sequence / phase loss protection, exhaust overheating protection
Size Length(mm) 1200
Width(mm) 600
Height(mm) 1280
Weight KG 250
Measures Exchange 1KW=860kcal/h     1RT=3.024kcal/h    10000Btu/h=2520kcal/h

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