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  • HRD-75
  • HRD-75
  • HRD-75
  • HRD-75
  • HRD-75


Electrical appliances using OMRON, FUJI, TE, LG, Schneider, Siemens

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---- Select Hengde mold temperature machine----

We use professional manufacturing technology to create suitable temperature control equipment for customers in different industries. According to the actual temperature control requirements of customers, from design selection to production and manufacturing, to provide customers with temperature control equipment closely integrated with the application requirements, thereby saving customers the cost of procurement and use.

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Pipeline explosion-proof device

Blow back water function (optional)

Return water temperature display table

Boot automatic exhaust function,

Heating power switching function

Even cooling boot function

Hot water BY-PASS pressure relief circuit

Multi-point temperature control unit can be customized

Water pump horsepower and heating power can be customized

Electrical appliances using OMRON, FUJI, TE, LG, Schneider, Siemens

Temperature control range: inlet water temperature: normal temperature -98 ℃

304 stainless steel integrated pipeline to reduce pipe set and rust

Isolated electrical control box to extend the life of electrical appliances

RS485 communication function, realize automatic management (optional)

Control mode: imported microcomputer or PLC control (optional)

Perfect safety protection, fault display, no need for professional personnel for male repair and maintenance


Model Unit HRD-75
Temp Range Into The Water Temperature 15℃─98℃
Temp.Control Accuracy   PID±1℃
Power Supply   AC3∮380V 50HZ3P E(5M)
Heat Transfer Medium   Water
Cooling Method   Direct Cooling
Heating Capacity KW 60
Pump Power KW 5.5
Pump Flow L/MIN 348
Pump Pressure KG/CM2 3.1
Max Power Consumption KW 68
Alert Function   Pump Reversal/Water Shortage/Overheating/Overload
Cooling Water Pipe INCH 1    
Circulation Water Pipe INCH 1-1/4
Size(L*W*H) MM 1350*500*1150
Weight KG 180

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