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  • HC-360AS
  • HC-360AS
  • HC-360AS
  • HC-360AS


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---- Select Hengde Mold Temperature Machine----

We use professional manufacturing technology to create suitable temperature control equipment for customers in different industries. According to the actual temperature control requirements of customers, from design selection to production and manufacturing, to provide customers with temperature control equipment closely integrated with the application requirements, thereby saving customers the cost of procurement and use.

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Selection of imported original semi-closed twin-screw compressor, compared with the traditional double compressor, with high efficiency, quiet operation, simple operation, long service life and other advantages.

The use of world-famous refrigeration components to ensure the quality and stable operation of the unit.

The evaporator and condenser all adopt the latest high-efficiency threaded heat exchange copper tube with high heat exchange coefficient. At the same time, the evaporation in the tube and the external condensation have high heat exchange efficiency to ensure the good refrigeration performance of the unit.

The independent refrigeration circuit can be maintained and overhauled separately without affecting the use of the whole machine.

The unit is controlled by microcomputer programmable controller, and the matching of refrigerating capacity and cold negative Lin can be controlled timely and accurately with the compressor segmented energy regulation system.

To ensure the highest operating efficiency of the unit, the lowest energy consumption, to achieve reliable energy-saving operation.


Item/Model HC-360AS
HP 120
Cooling Capacity Kcal/h 309600
KW 360
Input Power KW 108
Power 3PH 380V 50HZ (200V/220V/415V 50HZ/60HZ)
Refrigerant Type R22 (R134a/407c/404a/410a)
Control Mode Outside the balanced thermal expansion valve
Compressor Type Semi-hermetic screw
Start Mode Y-△
Energy Control(%) 0-25-50-75-100
Power(KW) 90
Condenser Type High performance copper sleeve aluminum fin Low noise outer rotor fan
Fan Power 18
Cooling Air Flow(m3/h) 120000
Evaporator Type Dry type shell and tube
Frozen Water Flow(m3/h) 67.5
Pipe Diameter(inch) 5"
Safety Protection Compressor overheat  protection, over current  protection, high and low pressure  protection, over temperature  protection, phase sequence / phase loss protection, exhaust overheating protection
Weight Kg 2200
Measures Exchange 1KW=860kcal/h     1RT=3.024kcal/h    10000Btu/h=2528kcal/h

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