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---- Select Hengde mold temperature machine----

We use professional manufacturing technology to create suitable temperature control equipment for customers in different industries. According to the actual temperature control requirements of customers, from design selection to production and manufacturing, to provide customers with temperature control equipment closely integrated with the application requirements, thereby saving customers the cost of procurement and use.

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The compressor of the unit is imported from French Maneurop (Meiyoule) and American Copeland (Copeland)/Carrier (opened). Germany Bitzer (BITZER) and other low-temperature compressors.

Use refrigerant such as R404A,R410a,R22/R407C, etc., to meet the refrigeration temperature and environmental protection requirements.

Selection range: can provide -5 ℃-60 ℃ industrial chiller (option).

The copper pipe adopts the unharmed welding method.

RS4B5 communication function, realize automatic management (choose).

The use of import and export advanced components, long service life.


Control mode: imported microcomputer or PLC control (select the front).

Perfect safety protection, fault display, repair, maintenance without professionals.

High efficiency evaporator and condenser, can save more than 30% of energy

Two sets of compressor heads are used for more than 20 C, which can be used alone or together.


Item/Model HL-20WL
Cooling Capacity Kcal/h 50HZ 11452
60HZ 13742
KW 50HZ 13.32
60HZ 15.98
Input Power KW 17.2
Power Supply 3PH 380V 50HZ(415V 60HZ)(3PH 110V 50HZ/60HZ)
Refrigerant Type R404A/ (R507)
Control Mode Outside the balanced thermal expansion valve
Compressor Type Fully enclosed vortex type /Piston
Power(KW) 15
Condenser Type Shell and Tube
Cooling Water Flow(m3/h) 13.9
Pipe Diameter(inch) 2 ″
Evaporator Type Shell and Tube
Frozen Water Flow(m3/h) 6.44
Pipe Diameter(inch) 2-1/2 ″
Pump Power(KW) 2.2
Maximum Head(M) 20
Safety Protection Compressor overheat  protection, over current  protection, high and low pressure  protection, over temperature  protection, phase sequence / phase loss protection, exhaust overheating protection
Mechanical Dimensions Length(mm) 1700
Width(mm) 810
Height(mm) 1620
Weight Kg 820
Measures Exchange 1KW=860kcal/h     1RT=3.024kcal/h    10000Btu/h=2520kcal/h

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